Monday, March 4, 2013



  Thank you so much for organizing everything. You can just be my personal organizer from now on :) The classes that Cassandra said I need to take look normal. I just want to make sure that if I do get into the orchestra and a band that my schedule is set up in a way that I can do both. I'm really excited to get back into school. I know I need to take Biology and I'm fine with that. I am used to taking 19 hours per semester so if it is 19 or 20 I'll be fine.

   I've been thinking about you and Ellen lots. I am really excited to spend time with both of you and get to tour y'alls house. That'll just be so fun! Our week went really well. We have just received a lot of new referrals and so we'll be working hard to contact all of those. We are trying to find the house numbers of this less active family that our branch president has asked us to help out with. We have all the street names but no numbers. It makes for a fun game. We are trying to find new investigators. Its hard to find them but I know there out there. XXXXXXX told us she is going to get baptized and picked April 28th. Sister Jensen and I are stoked to say the least! We just got into contact again with XXXXXX, the man who had a hut in the Christmas market, and we have an appointment with him today. I hope that we are able to re-flame his interest and set him for baptism too.

    I am working hard and trying to give my all. I find it a little difficult to have a balance so that I don't drag Sister Jensen around and that I help her have a good start to her mission so that she is prepared to keep working hard the rest of her mission. Any advice? How is your bathroom coming along? Any new pictures? How is work for you and Ellen?

    We had an awesome lesson with a girl we met at a bus stop who lived in Utah for a year. She had lots of questions about being a Mormon in Germany. She said after living in Utah she came back to Germany and was just disgusted with the people and how some of them live their lives (with alcohol, smoking, poor language). It was interesting hearing her point of view. We taught her how to pray in German because she learned in America how to pray in English so she wanted to know how to do it in German. She said that she would pray this week and bring her parents to church next week. That was super cool. We also followed up on a lady who we gave a Book of Mormon to last Saturday and she said she had read in it and that she found many things that she believed also in the Book of Mormon but she found the Book of Mormon a lot more intolerant than her bible in that it was more strict. I think she was making reference that it says Keep the commandments or be dammed. Yeah, in that sense it is strict but Heavenly Father established laws, they make sense. Keep his commandments or stop your eternal progression is what he is trying to explain. Hopefully she'll keep reading.

    Have a great week Andre and thanks again for all the work and time you've put in to organizing my school stuff. Make sure to serve Ellen in some way special. Love you!

-Ariel Nell

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