Monday, March 11, 2013

March 10 - New Beginnings

Hey Dad,
I'm sorry to hear about Brother Robins. I have remembered him and his family in my prayers every night this week. I hope that they are doing well and that Sister Robins is holding tight to the sealing covenant that she has made with him. I've also been praying for Sister Russel so it's good to hear that she is also doing well. I'm glad that you and the Elders got to teach XXXXX about the gospel and help him resolve his concerns with his Dad's death. How did he receive the message of the plan of salvation? Did it help him have a better understanding on this life and why we are here and where we go? There isn't really any film that we show regarding the plan of salvation. There is a short 5 minute film about happiness that introduces the lesson but we don't have any films. So I've also never seen the film that you used to teach XXXXX. It's a good thing that the Elders also enjoyed it.

The picture of New Beginnings was crazy. I don't recognize any of those girls any more! Where did they all come from? I am so amazed that you bought each of the girls the Dr Seuss book of ''Oh The Places You'll Go''. I still remember reading that book to Ella Rogers and just being blown away at the spiritual message that Dr. Seuss teaches. I love that book and it most certainly changed my outlook on life. The church should attach it to the triple combination if they could :) What a great idea you had to give them all a copy. Thanks for passing its message on.

I think its funny that you and Eli are fighting with each other about who made who sick. I hope that you two both get better soon. Are you working right now or are you packing everything up until you start again at the Veteran Health Administration? I'm glad that you feel you will be able to use more of the talents that you have collected from these past three years and also from your MBA. It always feels good when you are able to use all the tools that you have to offer. I'm glad that you were able to receive contact from Kylee. Sorry that I'm not there to do anything and that you're left to organize everything. I really appreciate all that you have done for me and are doing. I'd be happy really to work anywhere that will hire. Again, I'm sorry you are left to deal with everything.

So Saturday night I received a call from our branch President. He explained that a speaker had fallen through and asked if I would talk in church. He said I could talk on whatever I would like but that it would be best to talk about referrals since the branch presidency has decided to have one talk each month about referrals and member missionary work. So I found this AMAZING article written by Elder Eyring in the January 2009 Liahona. It's called "Raising a Voice of Warning" I believe. Anyways Elder Eyring explains that one day all those that we know are going to know what we know about the gospel and they will know that we had it and whether or not we shared it with them. Elder Eyring shared some wonderful experiences about being a good member missionary and also not being such a good one and how the duty relies on the members to find the people and the missionaries are the facilitators to making covenants. It is a very serious talk and one that I highly recommend that you give the Elders in the ward so that they can share this message with members or that it is one that you just read to the ward. It is so important that we as members do our part and just invite. Something our branch president says a lot is that we too often make the decision for our friends without giving them the chance to make it them self. A statistic they shared with us in the MTC is that for 1,000 people that missionaries meet with or talk to, only 1 will be baptized. But for every 7 a member talks to about the gospel and introduces to the gospel, 1 is baptized. That is such a huge difference. If the members can just come to understand and know their roles we will be able to really build up these stakes in Zion. Our ward is doing really great with referrals these past two week. Just yesterday a member pulled me aside to give us a new name and information about someone to go by on. We've received 8 referrals in just this month. That's awesome. I'm really grateful for their efforts to help the work. We spent a lot of time contacting them this week. No one was really interested but we were able to give them Books of Mormon or a Proclamation to the Family pamphlet and just let them know a little more about the church and invite them to our services. We're planting the seeds!

On Tuesday we were riding past the intersection where I got hit by a car and saw a lady hit a man on his bike and then when she pulled up on the side walk she almost hit a pedestrian. I am not the only one on a bike who has been hit there! And the man was hit during the day time. The car drivers are just not paying attention unfortunately. Dad, if you have time next week, would you please attach a picture of me when I was 8 and getting baptized. I think there is one of me standing in the sun outside the church or one with you and me together inside. I'd really like to use it for a few lessons this next week.

I love you Dad. Thanks so much for all your support and love. I really look forward to coming home and just spending time with you. I keep seeing all these stained glass windows and think about how fun it'll be to work in your shop with you again. Make sure to make a great week. I love you!

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