Monday, March 4, 2013

Winter in March

     That's crazy that it snowed in Dunwoody. Like that was possible or something. And a mini-thanksgiving sounds AWESOME! Why didn't we ever think to do that before. I miss Mummas stuffing and yummy green beans. Green beans aren't a big thing here but when we go over to the Italian family's house for dinner we always get green beans. Mmm.

   Make sure that Michael also gets some sort of spring break fun too like going for a run and fun things like that :) That'll be fun for you two to work together on the home. I can't wait to take a tour of it. How weird is that - I've only seen the outside. You guys bought the house when I was in the MTC.

   I'm excited to come home and help the missionaries out again. I loved doing it before my mission and I'm excited to keep doing it afterwards. I got up yesterday and bore my testimony too. It's really hard to not get choked up when talking about how much you love the people. I remember saying my goodbye testimony in Halberstadt and looking at Schwester Munke crying as I was crying. Those people have the deepest part of my heart, they're my second family. I had a dream last week that I was going home at the end of my mission and I was just sobbing. Saying goodbye to these people is going to be hard. I try not to think about it.

   Sister Jensen is doing great. She s getting more and more acclimated each day and doing a great job teaching. She is a little shy and I think has it in her mind that she can't understand what others are saying and so feels she has to always look to me for a translation. At XXXXXXX's house, she forbid me to translate and it really helps Sister Jensen to build up the confidence to speak and carry a conversation in German as well as her confidence in her own comprehension. The members do like her and are all very helpful with her. Kylee (Sister Openshaw) got home in November. She is marrying Ben, a guy she knew for three years before her mission, and then got home and fell in love with him. Super cool!

   I'm excited Colleen emailed you! I've wanted her address for the longest time now. Colleen had a baby in December and I haven't been able to congratulate her or anything. I'm glad that she is still in Louisiana and is excited to see me again. As well as Elder Parker -  I think about him so often and really look forward to coming home and getting a chance to sit down with him and talk to him about my mission when he's not too busy running around being an area seventy.

    Exciting news from this week: We called XXXXXXX Friday night just to see how she was doing and she said she's getting baptized. WHAT!? Yeah! She said she had been reading in the Book of Mormon that morning just with the question in her mind ''What should I do?'' She said it was as a voice talking to her, ''Baptism, you need to get baptized.'' When we spoke to her she said she knew it was a good thing and something that she really wants to do. SWEET! She chose April 28th to be baptized. Keep her in your prayers so that she can accomplish this goal she has set forth!

   Have a great week Lyndel. I love you bunches and keep having fun and working hard! Thanks for feeding the missionaries.
-Ariel Nell

A park this past week (note the blue skies, can we say spring people?)

My cute companion! Sister Jensen

Hip Hop Against Nazis, I thought that sounded fun :)

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