Monday, March 25, 2013

March is cold :(

Hey Lyndel!
   I'm glad to hear your week went well! This week was okay. XXXXXXX dropped us. We're not exactly sure why. I think it might have been many things but mostly so that she wouldn't keep having to get hurt when we (missionaries) leave. She asked us not to contact her or to call her. I really want to stop by her place but I feel I need to respect her wish. I don't want to annoy her or give her an image that the church can't respect peoples' agency.
   Sister Jensen and I got up at 5am this morning to go to Berlin. All the sisters in the mission were interviewed by Elder Teixeira and President Richards so we all had to travel to Berlin and then come back home. We are in Bremen right now writing emails and will keep on to Bremerhevn in a little bit. Our p-day hours will be spread out this week between appointments because we still need this p-day rest and go grocery shopping and whatever else we need.

    Actually I'll be back in America in 5 weeks and a few days. And that's actually less time than I spent in the MTC because I was there for 9 weeks. :) I'm excited too. All the sisters told me today that their families had already received their itineraries and I was like WHAT the?! My family didn't say anything so Mum just told me what airports I'll be traveling through. I think I'll be splitting off from the group in Paris because most are from Utah. Na ja, Lots of time to read the scriptures and write in my journal and SLEEP!

   I don't need anything between now and then end of April but thanks :)

   I hope you all have a fun birthday celebration with Dad and the Elders. Be sure to take pictures. Thanks for all your love and support Lyndel. Love you bunches!
-Ariel Nell

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