Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello from OHIO!


   Congratulations on Tuesday to you two! Expect a letter in the mail :) I'm glad that you an Ellen get to do something fun together. John Mayer sounds cool. That's really good that y'all have been able to spend lots of time with her family. I think easter with her grandparents will be way fun. Her grandma is so sweet. I'm glad her dad got a job too!! I can go visit them when I'm out at school. I think Houston is only 5 hours from Baton Rouge, or one of those Texas cities :) Where is he working? Are they excited? I bet they are!

     XXXXXXX dropped us this week. A very traumatic experience that I don't really understand. It hurts because you love the gospel and want to share it with people and especially when we get to witness people coming closer and closer to their savior and the truth and then to turn away from it just breaks your heart. She asked us not to contact her or to call her. I'm not sure why or what to do but we have all been praying that her heart can be softened and that we can get back into contact again. She dropped us Tuesday night and so Wednesday after district meeting I asked my district leader to give me a blessing. In the blessing he said two times that the Lord was proud and happy with my diligent service. That meant a lot to me. I feel like XXXXXXX was just one of the many reasons I was called to Germany. With her dropping us made me question whether I had made an impact at all. It was so reassuring to hear from the Lord that He was happy with my work and that He expects me to keep doing good work. We did find three new investigators this week. We found a family ( mom, dad and 8 month old). They are Christian ( Roman Catholic) and had never heard of the church or the Book of Mormon. They were excited to read the Book of Mormon and meet with us again. Bruder XXXX then brought a friend to church on Sunday who said that he felt directed to come to our church and will continue to read the Book of Mormon to find out more. He has already read the first 3 chapters before coming to us. How cool is that?

    I won't get to visit any of my old areas before I go home. And no worries, I'm excited to come home too. Have a great week Andre. Love you bunches!

-Ariel Nell

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