Monday, October 29, 2012

All your birthday wishes


Haha, That's funny to see what all the people who wrote on my facebook wall. Thanks for sending that to me. Mostly my work friends from LSU and then people I've known forever. That's really nice to see how much love there is out there. How are you doing this week? I love that Eli jumped into your photo. You and Michael are some pretty cute boy scouts if you ask me! Do you have anything fun planned for Michael's birthday next week? I hope so! I wrote him a birthday card and will put it in the mail today so I hope he enjoys all the crazy mission stories. They're all the ones that probably aren't appropriate to put on the blog but things he would enjoy reading about. Some things that happen on the mission just stay on the mission...or they just get written in the journals so you can talk about it when you get home. Haha! Well, this week was way crazy and fun. Sister Dean and I have been having a lot of opportunities of talking to people about the gospel and giving people the Book of Mormon. There is so much power that comes from reading the Book of Mormon.

   What are the thanksgiving plans this year? Our district is thinking of doing a district thanksgiving feast on the last p-day of the transfer. Do you think you could send me mums squash casserole recipe? I found a store that sells Ritz crackers! So it's totally possible to do! An older member, 92 year old lady, made Sister Dean and I steak, brussel sprouts, and klöse for dinner on Friday. It's like the closest thing to steak, green beans, and mashed potatoes you can ever get in Germany. It was so delicious! Mmm....And she cooked it all herself. She is pretty fabulous. This week we are tausching and I will be headed to Langenhorn. I'm not exactly sure where that is. Near Hamburg I think? Anyways, it should be a good learning experience.

   I love you Lyndel, Have a great week and remember to take some time to have fun!
-Ariel Nell  

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