Monday, October 1, 2012

My lovely little sister

Hey Lyndel!

I am doing something fun for p-day! Today is Sister Tidwells birthday so we decided to take a trip to Braunschweig and go shopping in this castle that was turned into a four story mall. To have the most time here today we had to catch a train at 5:41 and then arrived here in Braunschweig and now are emailing in an internet laden. Super weird. I haven't done that my whole mission but everyone else does it. So now I feel super crunched for time! So yes, we're going to have a blast today. Plus, Bryan sent finger mustaches to me and Sister Tidwell and I put them on on the train and have been taking pictures everywhere with them. My mustache kind of looks like Hitlers' and we found a street sign called Adolf straße so naturally I had to take a picture :)

   Awww! I'm so glad that you all threw a surprise party for Mumma. That's such a cute idea. I actually haven't read anyone elses emails yet. Yours was the first.

 Satan is gonna get a punch in the face if I ever meet him. We told Frau Görgens what happened with XXXXXX and she was REALLY upset. I told her I was going to punch Satan in the face and she said she would too and asked Schwester Munke if she would join in too. Haha, it was cute. XXXXXX is doing much better. I've talked to him three times this week. We weren't able to visit him in the hospital because it was in the Frankfurt mission and that's a no go since we're not allowed to leave the mission. His legs are still numb and he said that they will be numb forever now but he is getting better at walking each day and is very positive. I asked him if he read anything good in the Book of Mormon while he was in the hospital and he said that one day he started Mormon and then a few hours later he realized he finished it. Ha! So awesome.

 I'm so glad you love the rainbow picture too!! Frau Görgens artwork is lovely.

 Oh my goodness, FHE was hilarious. So we talked about Abraham and read about the covenant the Lord makes with him and then read the story of him about to sacrifice Isaac. I drew a not so great looking ram but it worked and made tails for everyone to write a sacrifice on that they offer. It was interesting to hear what was a sacrifice for some people and what wasn't.

 I'm excited for my birthday too!!! I'm gonna be an old lady. Speaking of which I found the longest grey hair in my life this past week. I pulled it out and taped it to a black piece of paper. I'll probably send it to Mum. Sick joke.

Aww, I'm sorry Mumma is upset I'm not there for  another Christmas. Yeah, it's not fun to not be with you all. The good news is that I get to call home on Christmas and then I'll be home 4 months later!! I like the My Favorite Place presents idea. It would make for some seriously fun presents.

   Well I love you Lyndel! I hope you have a fabulous week and that you all have fun celebrating Andre's birthday. I miss you bunches!

-Ariel Nell

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