Monday, October 22, 2012

Almost Halloween!


   I'm glad that your week went well and that the primary program at church was so inspiring. I like thinking of that scripture in the Book of Mormon that says that from the mouth of babes we will be confounded and it's true. There are so many times that a child can teach us something so profound without realizing it. We have an investigator who has three little boys all under the age of 4 so it's really crazy when we try to teach her. Sister Dean and I have figured out that one of us can teach if the other distracts :) Yesterday was my turn to distract and all I did was sit with the kids on the floor and talk about fish with them while looking at a fish card game and make fishy faces but it was so much fun. I really love little people and love being able to interact with them. I'm excited to go home and get to hold peoples babies again. I miss that. In Halberstadt we would run around with the kids and play soccer. I like kids.

   It doesn't feel any different being older. To celebrate my birthday Sister Dean made me key lime pie and we went out and taught people and did missionary work :) One appointment we had that morning was with a really old man who used to work as a helicopter saving man....oh! In English a life flight paramedic. Yeah, wouldn't have ever remembered that.  Anyways....he kept showing us pictures of dead people at random accidents that he had to respond to. Only on a mission does that ever happen. Sister Dean told him it was my birthday and he gave me a chocolate bar.

   So there is a man here named Willi who owns a shop called Chili Willi's he is from Columbus,Georgia! When I met him this week I told him I was from Atlanta and then he called me his home girl and gave me a pack of kool-aid because he said he knew I would know what that was. Haha! He is such a fun and friendly guy. He knows pretty much every American in Bremerhaven and his little shop sells A&W and Barqs root bear and cream soda and pop tarts and all sort of magical American food that he makes. I ordered some chili with jalapenos and it was delicious! It was like eating a little taste of home. He is a fun guy. He has a stack of cards in his store and tells everyone who comes in that they need to talk to us. Actually a lot of our contacts come from him. He are working on teaching him too. It'll be a fun little project.

    I can't wait to talk to you soon either! I love you! Have a great week!
-Ariel Nell

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