Monday, October 15, 2012

Boo to you and Gutten Birthday....

Hey Dad!
I would suggest not to send packages directly to me. Sister Tidwell got a letter from the german post for me right after I left that said I had a package held in customs and that I have 14 days to pick it up before it gets sent back to wherever it came from. I've been trying to call the office number that is on the letter but no one ever answers. I got a man to answer once and he said to call his college at another number. It's super frustrating and where its being held is like 5 hours from where I am so it's impossible for me to get it and I have to pay to get it and I just have no money. I have been trying to call to let them know to go ahead and just send it back but I can't get through. I think sending packages to the mission office is the best bet. I won't get them as fast but they won't be held in customs and when there is a tax on the package the church has such a good relationship with customs there that we don't have to worry about it.

The church address is Ariel Abamonte, Kirche Jesu Christi, Zerbster Stra├če 42, 12209 Berlin. My missionary funds covers emails so no worries I can pay for it. It just makes it hard to write a lot since its on a timer.

It was hard leaving Halberstadt and Sister Tidwell but I have enjoyed my time here in Bremerhaven so far and serving with Sister Dean. She is a boss missionary and we work a lot alike. She is funny too! We don't have a ward mission leader in our branch here in Bremerhaven but our branch president has taken it upon himself to be our ward missionary leader. We got to meet with him on Thursday and it just blew me out of the water how much counsel and wonderful advice he offered us and how he truly has an understanding of missionary work even though he never nerved a mission. The ward is amazing at wanting to be joint teaches and just being so flexible. Its almost too hard to believe for me.

Saturday I got to see Schwester Munke in Hamburg before and after hearing from President Monson. It was lovely to see her again. The poor thing was so emotional the whole time. She was crying even before our conference started. Our sacrament meeting yesterday was so full of the spirit it was incredible! It was just amazing to see how the experience of meeting with the prophet changed everyone's life forever and really strengthened their testimonies of the importance of prophets. Seeing President Monson was probably the best experience of my life. Sister Dean and I got to sing in the choir for our conference and it was AMAZING. Singing 'We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet" with the Prophet sitting right there was so cool! At the end of the meeting the choir just stood up and sang "God Be With You Till We Meet Again' or in German, "Aufwiedersehen" and it was so touching. That hymn is so much better in German. Basically it was awesome :)

I'm glad that the new mission president has the same ideas you do! Sister Dean and I have been asked to teach a lesson at our zone training meeting on friday about extending commitments and we both thought of the talk Elder Holland gave. I like what you said about it making you question your personal commitment to the Lord. We have to be committed first before we can help others.
Thanks for your love and support dad. I love you bunches and I'm very grateful for you! Have a great week! miss you.

-Ariel Nell

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