Monday, October 15, 2012

Ariel in Bremerhaven

Hey Andre Nicholas!

  I actually do know my companion from the MTC. Sister Dean was in another district but entered the same day I did so we're the same age on the mission. So far Bremerhaven is the bomb. com. Its super weird to not be in the ''sister district'' anymore. My whole mission the sisters have out numbered the Elders in my districts. On friday it was a nasty surprise to see 8 elders sitting there as we walked into the church building. I guess I'm finally getting a taste of real missionary life. I really love working with Sister Dean. We work very similarly and she just says the gospel how it is! I LOVE it! In a lesson this past week a man mentioned the Pope in the same context as priesthood authority and I told him that the pope has no priesthood authority and he got SUPER mad even though he used to be evangelical. He kept looking at me and saying, ''Dass ist eine Frau.'' (This is a woman)

   General conference is definitely a holiday for us. I like to think of them as spring and fall break. We are able to go to all sessions. Frau Görgens actually came to the Saturday afternoon session that we get to watch on Sunday morning and she LOVED it. We finished reading the Book of Mormon with her the day before I left so hopefully she is all set up to listen to what the sisters have to teach her.

    Oh!! Tell Ellen I met Marina, a girl from the Hamburg area who sang in the same choir we did for the conference with President Monson and she served in Temple square the same time Ellen did. She said she knew Ellen and that Ellen was an AP when she was a zone leader. Small world huh? I thought that was neat. I had a dream I called you and told you all about this the other night but It didn't really happen, sorry.

   Thanks for sending lots of photos, I'm really excited. Photos are our one mode of media and it doesn't matter whose family photos you're looking at they're all entertaining. And Sweaters are always really helpful. The michellen man coat has been pulled out. You can see your breath all day long and its nice and cold and rainy. A member said there was snow the other day too! Welcome to winter!

   I love you Andre, Thanks for all the love and support and have a great week!
-Ariel Nell

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