Monday, October 1, 2012

A-Merica ( like they say in West Side Story)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY on saturday BIG BROTHER!!! I hope you have a great week and a wonderful birthday!

Woa! Thats crazy that Jake finished the appalachian trail. Did he just have the time of his life?
Great idea to throw mumma a surprise party.
Yay! No overtime work!
How are the trees there in Atlanta?

XXXX is still in the Hospital and he is coming out on Tuesday. We don't have to re-interview him but our district leader does have to come to another appointment with us to just check on him and see how is doing and then he can get baptized ASAP.

That's neat that you got to participate in the blessing of Lukas. That's cool that Ben did the blessing in Portuguese.

Are Ellen's parents moving near family in Ohio?

Make sure you take a picture of your new iphone 5. That's really nice that Ellen got you such a big present!

Exhausted as a missionary doesn't really describe it. I found a giant grey hair this week and the bags under my eyes are as big as the grand canyon. We could probably play hide and go seek in them.

The 26th is my year mark! Happy Halloween party :) Why is BYU playing GT? Are they in the same conference? That just seems really weird.

You guys will have fun in Ohio for thanksgiving. Biltmore Christmas will be fun too.

Sister Tidwell and I are closer than two peas in a pod. We're like water molecules. Yea, Transfer call is next week.

Eli is a giant! What is he now? 5'6''?

     Well this week was full of finding and finding and more finding. We talked to a lady who said she was the devil ( we just kept going). We actually ran into a lot of people who have had contact with the church in one form of fashion but are too old and say they can't or people who just don't want to talk to us. There was one lady who thought we said we were giving people the quran, and when we corrected what she heard and explained it was the Book of MORMON then she said she was Atheist and didn't want to talk to us. People are strange sometimes.

    Sister Tidwell and I are in Braunschweig for her birthday today to celebrate. We have finger mustaches fake tattooed to our fingers and have been taking pictures everywhere. It's hilarious and definitely brings a lot of laughs. Especially since mine kind of looks like Hitlers.

   Well I love you Andre! I hope you and Ellen have a fabulous week and that you have a supercalifragilisticexpealidocious birthday! :)

Love you Andre! Miss you!

-Ariel Nell

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