Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween from Dad

Hey Dad,
Thanks for all the pictures. Its good to see that you all are having fun still. I think you and mums costume was crazy. I love that David Alder was David. Hahaha! Glad your calf is getting better. Have you gone to the doctors about it? Have fun in San Fransisco representing the CDC!

Well this week Sister Dean and I saw a lot of success. It was a very busy week filled with lots of talking to people and teaching. Wednesday night our district leader texted our district to say we had one hour to complete the amazing race. We had to talk to 5 people on a bike, a person by a grocery store, döner laden, bustop, and bahnhof, 20 people door to door and four people on the phone and there was a point system for how far we got in the conversations with everyone and if we got appointments out of it. Well when Sister Dean and I got the text we had exactly one hour before we needed to be home and it was raining so it didn't seem like we would do too well but we did our best. When our district leader called in he tallied up all the work Sister Dean and I did and we actually managed to win the race. We gave out three Book of Mormons and got to talk to a lot of people about the church and share our testimonies. Our district leader was amazed and said the Elders in another city were arguing with the other elders in their apartment about who won and said they'd all be upset to know that we did. Sister Dean says the Elders have an inferiority complex about the Sisters.

Another night this week we had about an hour and a half left in the day. It was cold and rainy outside and we didn't want to go but we saw a bus was coming in 5 minutes so we threw on our coats and out the door we went. When we got to Hafen straße we contacted the first man we saw on the street. He told us all about his family history and how some of his relatives lived or died in concentration camps. He told us his belief in Christ and we shared with him about the Book of Mormon. Then his bus came and he had to go. The next day we were getting on the bus in a different location and the man we saw the night before was getting off. He recognized us and told us that he read in the Book of Mormon and LOVED it and would call us because he wanted to talk more about it. It just really showed Sister Dean and I how important it is to be where we're supposed to be. Had we not contacted that man he would have just been another person we saw getting off the bus the next day.

I don't need money any time soon. It just makes it difficult to visit museums or buy Christmas gifts for everyone. Hopefully my card will come soon. Thanks for all the love and support you send dad! I hope you have a great week! Love you!
-Ariel Nell

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