Monday, October 22, 2012

Hope your birthday was A-M-A-Z-I-​N-G


  I'm glad you told me about Dad making connections to star wars and the Princess Bride and the Book of Mormon. Best Bishop ever!! I doubt anyone would ever do that here. I DID get the package! thank you so much!! I've looked at the pictures so many times now I can't even tell you. I love the one of you and Eli at Lemonade days flying by on some roller coaster. You're just too funny. I love the cardigans too! I've worn the green one last week and hopefully will wear the blue one this week. That's so awesome that Aubstodd is going to Argentina!! She is going to be great there and have an amazing time. Is she super excited!?! I'm so proud of her and am so glad that she gets to go early! She turns 21 in February!

   That's cools Marina wrote Ellen. The conference with President Monson was the best thing EVER! There was such a powerful spirit before he even arrived and to see him as he walked into the room was just amazing. Sister Dean and I got to sing in the choir. To be able to look at the prophet and sing to the Lord that we thank him for his prophet was fantastic. He is such a marvelous teacher and has so much love for the saints and the people here in Germany. Right before he was going to leave and was walking down the podium a man tried to approach him and of course that didn't go down but then President Monson shook his hand and spoke to him and instead of leaving he approached the congregation and all the little children ran forward to them. He shook their hands and spoke to them.  A member in our ward said she was having a really hard time and needed a hug and asked President Monson for one and he hugged her! Watching him greet and teach the children was like taking a walk back in time to when Christ blessed and taught the children. It was very moving. This past Sunday we had the chance to watch the broadcast of his visit in Frankfurt. Something that he said was that Christs law was not written on stone but on the hearts of the people. Its so true. If we really truly are disciples of Christ we will have his gospel and law written on our hearts and his image in our countenance.

     I am looking forward to going to the Y with you when I get home! I really miss swimming! Don't even worry, You'll fo'sho be coming to a game with me when I get back. (She'll take Andre to an LSU football game). I can't believe you haven't already! And I hope Georgia kills Florida. I don't like Florida. (Ariel is talking about the University of Florida and University of Georgia football rivalry. She dislikes Florida, to say the least).
    Bremerhaven work is going great. We had a lot of success of just talking to people on the street this last week and giving out Book of Mormons. Its amazing to see this message ring as something familiar to these people. You can see it in their faces as we talk to them. One girl, after teaching her about the Book of Mormon clutched it to her chest and kept thanking us for it. She was surprised we gave her our cell phone number too. We are the only missionaries for Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven and all the dorfs in between. The closest set of missionaries is in Bremen, about an hour  to an hour and a half away.  The branch has about 30-40 people that come regularly and a lot more inactive which we are working on. I don't mind public transportation. We mainly use our bikes though. On Saturday we biked over 40 km so my legs were sore the next day. I really like biking.

     Well I love you! Have a fabulous week and thanks for all your support. Sorry you won't get your package until I get my debit card. Just know it was ready WEEKS before your birthday :)

-Ariel Nell

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