Monday, October 22, 2012

Ouch plenty of boo boos

HAHAHAHA!!! Let me just say you had Sister Dean and I cracking up with the worms in the Famous Amos cookies. Oh heavens, that was funny. Dad I'm so sorry you have just had a hard week with health. How are you driving the car if you hurt your right leg. Have you gone to a Kaiser doctor to see what you can do in the mean time while your leg heals? How did you get a blocked eye duct? Does your eye hurt? Did the dentist end up doing a root canal or are you just taking ibuprofen until you have to go back? Man, That must have really not been a fun week for you.

That's funny that so many people came to the ward program for the primary. I'm glad it went so well. I'm not sure if they do ward programs here but we do have a primary! It's fun to see all the kids running around and making noise in sacrament meeting again.

For Mum's Halloween party does everyone have to come in pairs? Are you guys still doing it on the 26th? That's my year mark. It's crazy how fast time has flown.

I did get my package on Wednesday!! So it was a miracle. We had had lessons and ran errands all morning and then came home for lunch and our language study and was just about to go out again when Schwester XXXX, a member called to see if we were home and said she was coming over with some food. So we decided to wait around until she came and then a few seconds later the door bell goes off. Sister Dean and I both thought it was Schwester XXXX and that she had called us from outside but as Schwester XXXX came up the stairs to our apartment it was the DHL man. I was so shocked especially to see how much you spent and that it got to me in two days. That's unheard of. And we would have normally not been home. It was just too perfect how it all got together. I was able to open it and quickly look inside. Saw my hat, put it on, and went out again to do some finding in it :) Thank you so much for my birthday package and sacrificing so much to get it here on time! I attached a picture of me in my new hat..

I wouldn't suggest sending a package to me directly just in case it gets stuck in customs again. Sending it to the office is always safer. I'm sure that I could ask the office to forward the package to me if it is small. For Christmas President said that all our packages need to be sent to the office otherwise it'll just be too crazy and won't get to us in the Christmas season.

Yes, I did hate that book the ear the eye and the arm. It was too sci-fi and no fun. Buh, I just remember sitting at the Kingsley pool over the summer reading it and not understanding anything. It just went all over my head.

Sister Dean and I plan on going to the museum about immigration and the Klima house museum but we're waiting for my card to arrive because you are only allowed to pay with personal money to visit museums and things like that. We have a u-boat sitting in the harbor here and plan on walking past it today and along the harbor to look out to the sea.

We had an Erntedankfest activity on Saturday and it was so much fun! The holiday is to celebrate the things of the harvest and so everyone made home made things like bread or cheese and leek soup and one family, who lived in America for a while, made carrot cake! It was so yummy. A nice little taste of home.

Well I hope you have a better week Dad and don't hurt yourself anymore than what is already happened. I love you and miss you! Thanks for my gifts!
-Ariel Nell

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