Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hey Andre,

  Glad you had a busy and good week. Ours was good too. We actually have two baptismal dates. We made one last week and then one out again last night. Schwester XXXXXXX will be baptised in March and Bruder XXXXXX in December. I met Bruder XXXXX for the first time last night. It seemed that we wasn't able to meet with the missionaries for a long time due to some health reasons and then yesterday he came to church. At church Sister Dean and I were able to sit down and talk to him and get to know him. He told us the saddest life story I've ever heard that I ended up crying with him. In the evening we were able to meet with him and as soon as we sat down he explained that he knows he needs to be baptized and that this is the right way to go. He asked us if we could teach about the third pamphlet again, so the gospel of Jesus Christ. So Sister Dean and I taught about the gospel and how there are certain steps that we take before we get back to our father in Heaven. At the end we invited him to baptism and he said yes! And then picked December 2nd. Sister Dean and I are really excited to work with him and help him start changing his life so he can be most happy. It was a really neat experience.

   Things in Bremerhaven are going great. I really love the ward and the members here. It has begun to be very cold. Like things are icing over now. So earmuffs, gloves, scarves, coats, boots, and anything else warm is all fair game. It hasn't snowed yet but we heard that it did snow in Frankfurt and in Türingen.

My German is coming along. It could always be better but I'm working on it.  No, I don't feel at the top of my game. There is always something to improve on but I do feel good with where Sister Dean and I are and where we are trying to take Bremerhaven. We work really well together and she is a great teacher. She knows how to say things so that they are very clear and to the point. Sometimes when I'm talking to someone I mentally take a step back and realize that I've been holding a conversation in German for the past hour and we've understood each other and even laughed. That just seems crazy to me every day. Did you ever think that was strange when you could speak Portuguese with everyone? People ask us sometimes how is our German so good and we explain because of the Holy Ghost and it is so true. I'm not sure if they believe us but I know for sure that I wouldn't have been able to do this without the holy ghost. No way Jose.

 Have a great week Andre! Try and get some rest. I love you bunches! Be good.
-Ariel Nell

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