Monday, October 22, 2012

"Snap - the sound of a tendon tearing away from the muscle"

Hey Mumma!

 That is so stinking COOL at how many applicants for missionaries there were last week. 10 times the normal amount! Missionary work is amazing and I'm so proud of all the people who have changed their lives to answer the call to serve. Especially the girls. What an amazing experience and the best decision they could have ever made. I did get my package! Thanks so much for the gloves and the tights and the leggings and the thermals and the hat and the cards and the little snow globe thing. I loved receiving it and as I told Dad it was a miracle that it got to me. It only took two days!

   Dad said he was supposed to get a root canal so no worries, the threes have already passed. I hope that Dad is able to get the help he needs from the doctors. Make sure that he doesn't use his leg when he isn't supposed to. As I remember I ALWAYS had a B in German. It's just hard. They think it's easy or something. I think the only reason why I am able to communicate with people is because the Spirit is with us. Heavens. Dad sent a picture of the doll Eli made. It's a neat idea he came up with. I'm glad he is enjoying scouts still and that he is keeping busy.

    Tuesday, after 3 appointments fell out back to back, Sister Dean and I were walking home and we saw this giant man on the side of the road. We approached him and talked to him and originally he was completely against everything we had to say and then we began telling him about the Book of Mormon and sharing our testimonies with him and he completely changed. At first he said he wouldn't do anything and by the time we said our goodbyes he said he would read the chapter in the Book of Mormon we left him and that he would look at the church's' internet site. It was just a great example for Sister Dean and I about never giving up even when people are giant and say they have no interest.

    Sister Dean had a package in customs this week and we had to pick it up. When we got there the man asked her who sent her the package and she said her mom and then he gave her the package. It had beef jerky, some candy, and a foam football. It was just sooo silly to us that we had to go there to tell the man that the package came from her mom.

    We taught a 20 min thema at zone training meeting this past week. We taught about extending commitments and how we discovered there are three parts to it: giving a reason, love, and being an example. For the last point, I shared the story of how Lyndel could always tie her shoes perfectly and super tight and I wanted to be like her but for some reason had a hard time doing it. Well then in kindergarten I noticed my shoe was untied so I tried to tie it like Lyndel and I did it. I explained to all the Elders that without the Example of my sister I wouldn't have tried. It was a silly example but they all enjoyed it and were able to apply it to their work in their various areas. Sister Dean and I found out the day before that we had to teach in German so we were a bit nervous but it all went well and we were really happen with it.

    Oh let Mercedes Albanes know I got her package and thank you! I'll be sending a card soon.

    Well Mumma, I hope that you have a fabulous week and know just how much I love and miss you! My one year mark is this week. Can you believe that! I'll be home before you know it!

-Ariel Nell

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