Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello to you in Bremerhaven

Hey Mumma,

  Thanks for giving Annette my new address. She is doing a study abroad in the United Arab Emirates in a crazy fabulous architecture school. My trip here to Bremerhaven only took 4 and half hours and three trains. It was stressful because I was the only one to haul my fatty bags around. It's really not that weird to be alone as a missionary just not fun to have no one to talk to. I got a lot of bruises on my right leg from pushing my bags up into the trains. A lot of people looked at me like I was crazy but that's because the only weirdos who use trains to move are missionaries. My bags are way heavy. I've started a stack of things that I need to just slowly start sending home (mainly books that I have collected) and I definitely think I'll leave nasty clothes if I can before I come home. My bags are ridiculous. My whole upper body was super achy this past week from having to pick up the bags and pull them and everything. Luckily there was for the most part someone always there to help me along the way. Schwester Munke saw me off at the train station and she cried. It was definitely not fun saying goodbye to her. Frau Görgens was better.

   It is already cold here but nothing unbearable. I've heard from other missionaries who served in Kiel in the winter and they said that it didn't snow at all just rained a whole bunch and that's whats going on here. I've cranked out my giant black jacket and have been sporting it around town already. We can see our breath outside too. But it's good.

  Our ward, actually branch, building is in an old captains house. It's a lovely huge house that looks similar to the one I lived in in Halberstadt except that we own the whole building. It has some really neat stained glass windows and naked Grecian ladies on the outside. Our branch has a primary, young mens and young womens. It's crazy! Our branch President, President Daniel is amazing and really helpful in the missionary work. He has such a great passion for it and really trusts us in all that we do.

   I really love Sister Dean. She was in another district than me in the MTC so I never really got to know her. We are like two peas in a pod. She is a fabulous teacher and just lays the gospel out with no shame and I love it. An investigator asked us to pray for her boyfriend (who was sitting right there) so that he would read in the Book of Mormon and have a stronger desire to learn. Sister Dean said that it was no problem for us to pray for him but it won't do anything unless HE does something about it. Man I wish you could have been there. I really like working with her.

  Thanks for taking a trip up to Burt's Pumpkin Farm for me. I'd love to see a picture of your fatty pumpkin! Mum I have two hours to email. I can get an email out to everyone, I just can't write epistles to everyone. If people send me letters I usually have more time to write more when I respond.

  Halberstadt is the only Sisters city with a car so we use bikes and buses and trains here. Our bikes both broke this past week. I managed to fix mine but Sister Deans needs to go to the shop so we have been going a lot by foot and bus these past couple days. My bikes a bit big for me but it works. The language isn't too different up here. Everyone says Moin moin instead of Morgen so that's something I got to change. People correct me when I say Morgen. Oh, something interesting I learned. They have bike police here in Bremerhaven. If we don't ride on the right side of the rode we can get tickets and people honk at us. Strange. And we have an ice hockey team called the Fischtown pingiuns. I'll probably need to get some fan memorabilia. It's just too funny. Bremerhaven has about 113,000 people, so three times bigger than Halberstadt. It'll definitely be different but good.

  I love you Mumma. Thanks for all your love. Have a great week!
-Ariel Nell

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